Time-Banc Time Accountant……………………………………………..……………………..…….. 795*.

These are only some of the features that make Time-Banc the complete card-less time manager

•                Allows convenient handling of employee time records no more time cards to buy, store, process, or


•                To use, an employee types in his ID number and then presses either IN or OUT ... it’s that easy!

•                Instantly calculates and displays employee work hours     

•                Simple and reliable, fast and accurate

•                Eliminates early clock-ins, late clock-outs, long breaks, short lunches, and missed punches

•                Guards against habitual tardiness and overtime theft with adjustable employee schedules and lock-outs

•                Personal timekeeping options for individual employee accounting a Time-Banc exclusive

•                Automatically records, calculates, and reports regular, overtime, adjusted, and total work hours   for

                 up to 36 days

•                Variable rounding intervals and thresholds; two overtime ranges with daily and   weekly settings

•                Prints both individual and departmental work reports, graphs, and summaries for up to 150 employees

•                Daily reports for simple checks of employee absence, tardiness, and overtime

•                24-hour activity graphs for quick reviews of manpower flow by department

•                Work reports and summaries with variable shift start times and time periods

•                Provides flexible managerial control of employee schedules, breaks, and holidays

•                Programmable holiday credits and breaks (automatic deduction, paid, and unpaid)

•                Handles sick leave and vacation time with one simple summary adjustment

•                Flexible break formulas, overtime ranges, rounding intervals, and work schedules

•                Allows complete editing of time records for all employees ... at any time

•                Separate program and manager access codes add extra security

•                Built-in DPDT 1-Amp relays for time signals (bells) and doorlock controls

•                Proudly made in the U.S.A. with advanced microprocessor technology

•                Rugged designed for both office and shop floor                                      

•                No hard disks, no disk drives, and no diskettes

•                Splash-proof, tactile, membrane keyboard                                               

•                40-character LCD display screen

•                Self-diagnostics and self-testing                                                                      

•                5-year battery    backup memory protection

•                Full one year manufacturer’s warranty


Time-Banc® Job Tracker……………………………………………….……………..………………..1,295*.

•                Includes most features of the Time-Banc Time Accountant

•                Automatically records, calculates, and reports regular, overtime, adjusted, and total work hours for

                 up to 20 days

•                Prints both individual and departmental work reports, job reports, graphs, and summaries for up to

                 85 employees

•                Employee job reports tabulate an employee’s daily and total work hours by job (up to 100) for a    

                 specified time period

•                Job report summaries calculate for each employee: work hours on a job, work hours on all jobs, 

                 percentage of work hours on a job to work hours on all jobs, percentage of work hours on a job to 

                 all employees’ work hours on a job.


Time Accountant and Job Tracker prices do not include a serial report printer*.



Your Time-Banc® Time Accountant is more than just a time recorder or time calculator. It is a computerized, management tool that records, calculates, and processes employee work time for a small-to-medium-sized business (150 employees or less). There are no time cards to buy, store, process, or file. Each employee simply types in his personal identification (ID) number on the Time-Banc keypad, and then presses either IN or OUT. That’s it! Time-Banc automatically records each employee’s work time, and calculates his work hours ... without the hassle of illegible time cards or lost badges.


Time-Banc provides full-sized, easy-to-read, employee work reports (detailing all clock-in/out activity and regular, overtime, adjusted, and total work hours) for pay periods of up to 36 days. Individual, departmental, and complete alphabetized reports and summaries allow quick reviews of employee work patterns, such as habitual tardiness and overtime theft.


Employee work times can now comply with company rules. Flexible rounding and lock-out features effectively eliminate the employee hours you now lose to early clock-ins, late clock-outs, and short lunches. And if you assign a workweek schedule to each employee, Time-Banc can either “flag” or prevent all unauthorized punches. The convenient automatic clock-out feature guarantees that your employee time records are always complete. Missed punches are not allowed.


Time-Banc gives you not only easy access to up-to-the-minute employee workday and workweek hours, but also complete control over the editing of employee work records. Holiday credit, sick leave, and vacation time are handled conveniently, by individual or department.


Automatic break (and lunch) deduction, paid and unpaid breaks, doorlock control, bell and siren timers and relays, and all the other fine Time-Banc features are standard ... there are no additional software modules to buy and install. You’ll also find that Time-Banc is easy to set up and operate

you won’t get bogged down with any programming gymnastics. And in the event of power loss, Time-Banc data is protected by a 30-day battery back-up system.


In addition, the Time-Banc® has two built-in relays which provide up to 16 bell-ringing signals per day.  In addition, these relays can be momentarily activated when an assigned employee is clocking in or clocking out (door control application).


The Time-Banc® Time Accountant ... first class business management, at a reasonable price.

© World Wide Microsystems, Inc.



If you would prefer downloading reports to a PC instead of the Citizen printer, we do offer that option.

System Requirements:

Windows 95/98/XP  *   HyperTerminal program  *   Serial port  *   Communication Cable

Call us to order the communication cable to start downloading your reports to your PC.



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