Your Datamark Lister is more than just an invoice-printing machine. It is a computerized, cash manage­ment and inventory control tool with the following expanded features:


•            Complete garment descriptions for fast, accurate assembly of customers’ orders


•            Automatic up-charging for consistent garment pricing ... no more lost



•            Multiple garment pricing for quicker invoice handling


•            Full-screen editing for error-free invoices ... no more voids


· Flexible couponing, discounting, surcharging, and taxing ... no more math



•            Wild-card invoice searching ... a Datamark exclusive


Datamark does not use any hard disks, disk drives, or diskettes — all of which can be ruined by the heat, vibration, and lint found in every laundry/drycleaning plant. Instead, Datamark uses advanced, solid-state memory chips — ideal for the rugged environment in which Datamark must work. And Datamark now has four times the data memory and three times the processing speed of the very popular Datamark Plus, the industry-recognized standard in listing machines. This increased memory and speed allow the Datamark excel Lister to handle over 100 billion garment pricing combinations. These and other exclusive features help explain why Datamark is America’s first choice:


Multi-level keyboard — The multi-level design effectively doubles the keyboard capability. The first keyboard level easily handles 90% of all your garment, color, fabric, and pattern needs; the second level handles the rest. This type of design requires fewer keys, thus making the keyboard easier to learn and less intimidating to the operator. Fewer keys also increase efficiency, since the operator can make a faster sweep of the keyboard for quicker mark-ins with fewer mistakes. In addition, 57 keys are 100% programmable, so any keyboard arrangement is possible — Datamark conforms to your business requirements, not someone else’s.


Six pricing levels — Each department (such as laundry) now controls its own set of garment and descriptor keys, each with specific pricing. Laundry and drycleaning items can now be processed on one machine — even mixed on a single invoice, without confusion. This feature actually turns the Datamark Lister into six-machines-in-one, allowing the manager to independently monitor each department’s cash input and production output.


Wild-card invoice searching — Datamark stores the date, invoice number, customer number, tag number, and dollar amount relating to a transaction. In the wild-card search mode, Datamark will find any and all customer orders satisfying the particular information you give it — for instance, part of a strip tag number for a specific date. This feature allows the operator to quickly:


(1)         determine the amount of old or “dead” inventory

(2)         obtain a listing of all customer orders in inventory

(3)         find out if a particular customer order is still “in the system”

(4)         determine the invoice to which a specific garment belongs

(5)         locate every order belonging to a particular customer


The multi-level keyboard, six pricing levels, wild-card invoice searching, and all the other new listing features will virtually guarantee Datamark’s continued popularity. Thank you for making Datamark number one in the industry.

First generation

Datamark Lister


     Operating your laundry/dry cleaning business without a good cash management and inventory control system can be very expensive. The International Fabricare Institute and other industry authorities estimate that the amount of money lost through inventory shrinkage can vary from 3% to 6% of your gross sales dollars. That can be quite a bit of money.  But now, World Wide Microsystems, Inc. has introduced the Datamark Cash Register which, when connected to a Datamark excel Lister, becomes a cash management and inventory control tool unsurpassed by any other system in the world. Here is how the Datamark system works:


     When a customer’s order is processed, or marked-in, the Datamark Lister generates a unique invoice number.  This invoice number and other invoice data, including a customer number are stored in the lister’s memory.  When the customer returns to pick up his order, his customer number is entered into the Datamark Cash Register The cash register now searches the listers (up to ten) connected to the system for every invoice with this customer number. All such invoices found are then presented on the cash register’s display screen. The customer can either

(1) pay by cash, check, or credit card for selected invoices, or

(2) charge his account for selected invoices which are retained in the cash register’s memory for later customer billing.

It’s that simple!





© World Wide Microsystems, Inc.

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