Dear Carwash Professional:


Software companies want you to believe that a complicated computer carwash management system is just what you need to control theft at your carwash. But, consider these very impor­tant facts that the software companies don’t tell you:



Equipment and Installation —


A typical carwash management system includes a personal computer (sometimes two PCs) and other sensitive computer equipment, all interconnected by at least six wiring runs. A carwash management system must be installed by costly factory technicians... You pay the travel expenses, of course.


The Datatrax Carwash Controller, on the other hand, consists of only three components:

master control unit, smart relay station, and input station, interconnected by only two, low-voltage wiring runs. The master control unit is a miniaturized, ultra-high-speed, industrial microcomputer, and is not a personal computer ... no CDs, no hard disks, no disk drives, no diskettes, no cooling fans. Datatrax is usually installed by a carwash equipment repairman or a local electrician.


Programming and Training —


It’s a safe bet that a carwash management system cannot be set-up, or programmed, in one hour (average set-up time is over six hours). During operation, an employee must enter a car code sequence to process a customer order. (Car code mix-ups are always a frustrating problem for everyone — workers, managers, owners, customers.) Training is a continuous, time-consuming effort, since management systems are complicated and, as you already know, carwashes have a high employee turnover rate.


After reading the Operators Manual, you can program the Datatrax in less than one hour. During operation, an employee presses only one input station pushbutton to order any carwash service package. That’s it... NO additional employee training is necessary.


Equipment and Cash Control —


A carwash management system always requires the correct car code sequence at the service input station and at the cash register. Although an incorrect car code sequence blocks the pro­cess for an honest employee, most dishonest employees know how to wash a car without using a car code at all... so much for security. In fact, an uncoded car is not even recorded by the management system... so much for cash control!


At a typical Datatrax carwash, an employee presses only one pushbutton to order any carwash service package. As a car moves down the wash tunnel, Datatrax controls all service equipment with water-saving, chemical-saving, and energy-saving precision. For cash control, Datatrax prints a variety of business reports and graphs, including all carwash service counts and dollar amounts. These readings must match your cash register’s record... It’s just that simple!


Design and Obsolescence —


Since third-party hardware and software designers and suppliers are constantly changing personal computer hardware and operating system software, carwash management systems are always fighting a war with obsolescence. Personal computers usually last less than five years and a new replacement PC may not be compatible with your current management sys­tem hardware and software. Upward software compatibility, even if available, comes at a hefty price... whatever the market allows.


World•Wide Microsystems, Inc. introduced the first microprocessor-based carwash control­ler in 1983, the first encoded input station in 1986, the first multiplexed relay station in 1989, and the first dual microprocessor-based controller in 1995. Since World•Wide Microsystems engineers handle all hardware and software development, our equipment is not dependent on third-party designers. The Datatrax Carwash Controller is built to last.


Reliability, Maintenance, and Support —


Because even modest fluctuations in power-line voltage causes disk drive failure and critical memory loss, personal computers are just not suitable in a carwash’s rugged electrical environ­ment, unless backed up by uninterrupted power supply (UPS). Vibration and dust will also destroy personal computers, and contribute to an average maintenance and replacement cost approaching $700 per year. Technical support comes at an additional premium — roughly $1,200 per year.


Datatrax reliability is legendary — 90% of all Datatraxs built since 1986 are still in service, having washed over five billion vehicles worldwide. High reliability means low maintenance costs, which average less than $50 per year. All equipment repairs (warranty and non-war­ranty) are completed and shipped on the same day as received. Telephone and email technical support is provided at no charge... always free!


Popularity and Price —


Datatrax is the most popular controller in carwash history... far surpassing any other brand ever built. One big reason is the price — An 8-function Datatrax Carwash Controller is only $3985, the industry’s lowest. Need we say more?

Datatrax System 1

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These are only some of the features that make Datatrax® America’s #1-selling carwash controller.


               On/off sequence control of up to 64 carwash functions and up to 72 service


•                Control of 8 programmable functions with the touch of a single pushbutton (for

                 services such as super wash)

•                LCD display screen and tactile membrane keyboard on all input stations for error -                 free order entry

•                1000-pulse carwash cycle with micro-precision control down to one-tenth of a pulse

                 (approx. 1/8 inch)

•                Automatic pulse generation for clock switch failure; auto-adjusting gate switch

                 signal for erratic conveyor speed

•                Eight relay switching modes, with programmable conveyor interlock - selective,                  sequential  de-selective, entrance light, roller-on-demand, security, wheels, and

                 automatic conveyor shut-off

•                Instantaneous relay de-activation (on power-down) and staggered relay activation

                 (on power-up)

•                Precision vehicle sizing with full-, half-, and quarter-carwash control and front-rear


               3-cycle relay switching (on/off, on/off, on/off) for controlling bumper blasters and

                 wheel washers with a single relay

•                12-Amp SPDT control relays; optional 10-Amp DPDT control relays; optional

                 25-Amp solid-state lamp flasher

•                Four-way anti-tampering system for reducing employee theft

•                Electronic counters and ON-OFF-AUTO override switches for all outputs; four

                 Optional override switch monitors

•                Conveyor speedometer for determining carwash efficiency

•               Self-diagnostics and self-testing

•               Instant display readings for carwash and service counts, including Cars Last Hour                  and Cars This Hour

•                Printouts of all business activity — non-clearing and closing readings, cumulative

                 Relay and service counts, cars/half-hour graphs, and production reports               

•               Separate owner and manager access codes

•               Full one year manufacturer’s warranty  

•               Reduced installation time and wiring costs





















All of the above Datatrax (Cartrol series) Carwash Controllers include a master control unit ($2095), one or more input stations ($895 per 24 service inputs), and one or more relay stations ($995 per 8 functions).  The report printer ($300), printer cable ($25), and flasher relay kit ($85) are optional.

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  8 function Datatrax® with 24 service inputs

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16 function Datatrax® with 24 service inputs

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24 function Datatrax® with 24 service inputs

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32 function Datatrax® with 24 service inputs

$ 6,970.

40 function Datatrax® with 48 service inputs

$ 8,860.

48 function Datatrax® with 48 service inputs

$ 9,855.

56 function Datatrax® with 72 service inputs


64 function Datatrax® with 72 service inputs